[PR] 香典返し おねしぺグローブ: 【ディクテーション】Kanon(カノン) (7)


【ディクテーション】Kanon(カノン) (7)

ANNAOD(B+)、 rightstufdvdpacific($17.08)。 ADVのKanon第5巻ディクテーション。 月宮あゆにBrittney Karbowski、相沢祐一にChris Patton、水瀬名雪にJessica Boone、美坂栞にMaggie Flecknoe、川澄舞にMelissa Davis、沢渡真琴にTiffany Terrell、美坂香里にCaitlin Glass、天野美汐にColleen Clinkenbeard、北川潤にGreg Ayres、水瀬秋子にJoanne Bonasso、倉田佐祐理にNatalie Arneson、相沢祐一(幼少期)にShannon Emerick、久瀬にJay Hickman。 以下、第17話Lieder Ohne Worte of an Elder Sister and a younger Sister(姉と妹の無言歌(リーダ・オーネ・ヴォルテ)~Lieder ohne worte~)のBパート冒頭。や、栞好きなもので。

はー、ここが学食なんですね。 So, this is the school cafeteria, huh?
いきなり授業へ出たりしていいのか? Are you sure you would be all right coming back to school like this?
お医者さんの許可が出たんです。今度の土曜日まで出ていいって。 My doctor gave me special permission. He said it was fine for me to come until Saturday.
土曜…栞の誕生日の前の日か。 Saturday... The day before Shiori's birthday...
…辛そうですね。 It looks pretty spicy.
ここのカレーは結構本格的なんだ。あむ……どうした、早く食べろよ。 I got to say they really know how to do curry right down here. ...What's the matter? Your food's getting cold.
そ、そうですね。…は、はむ…ん…んん…んんんーーー!!! Ah, how silly of me.
だ、大丈夫か? What the heck is wrong with you?
私、実は辛いのまったくだめなんです。 Maybe I should have told you before that I can't really handle spicy foods.
なんだそりゃ?じゃあわさびは? You're kidding me. What about stuff like wasabi?
見るのも嫌です! I can't even look at it!
からしは? Hot mustard?
聞くのも嫌です! Don't say those words together!
タバスコは? Tabasco sauce?
人類の敵です! It's mankind's enemy!
アイスクリームは? What about ice cream?
それは大好きです! I think that's one of my favorites!
どうしてカレーなんか頼んだんだよ! Then why in the world did you ask me to order a curry?!
祐一さんと同じものを食べてみたかったんです。 I guess it was because I just wanted to have whatever you are having, Yuichi.

結局、ほとんど俺一人で食っちまったな。 You sure? Because I ended up eating most of your lunch myself.
でも十分おなかいっぱいになりました。 I know. But I still had enough to eat, I promise.
明日は食えるもん注文しろよ。 Tomorrow, order you something you can actually eat.
それならお弁当作ってきましょうか? Well in that case, maybe I should just bring the bento lunch.
ああいいんじゃない?お金もかからないし。 That sounds like a great idea. You can eat it and it's cheaper.
そうします。ちゃんと祐一さんの分も作ってきます。 Then I'll do that. And I'll make sure to bring a lunch for you too Yuichi.
俺の分? For me?
はい、祐一さんの分も。 That's right. I'll cook you up something good.

right downは「全く、徹底的に」。

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