[PR] 香典返し おねしぺグローブ: 【ディクテーション】Lunar Legend Tsukihime(真月譚 月姫) (4)


【ディクテーション】Lunar Legend Tsukihime(真月譚 月姫) (4)

ANNAOD(C)、 rightstufdvdpacific($55.86)。 他の作品から新しい場面探す余裕がないので先週の続き。ニコニコのこの動画の会話シーンあたりです。

あれは何? What are those?
ヨスジフエダイだよ。浅い珊瑚礁域に生息して、いつも群れを作って行動してるんだ。 They are Four-line Red Snappers. Cool, huh? And you can usually find them in shallow coral reef areas. In fact, they all swim together in large schools like this one.
あれは? What's that?
マダラトビエイだ。餌の貝や蟹とかを食べるときに、海底に下りてくるんだ。 That's a White-spotted Eagle Ray. They dive to the bottom of the ocean so they can find shells and crabs to eat.
ふーん、ずいぶん詳しいのね。 You sure know a lot, don't you?
ああ、子供の頃から好きだったんだ。 Yeah. Ever since I was a kid, I've liked this stuff.
どうして? Really? Why?
だって不思議だろ。想像もつかないようないろんな生き物に出会えるんだから。 It's so mysterious, don't you think? Because where else can you meet so many different unimaginable creatures.
そうね。 You're right about that.
ま、吸血鬼に出会ったことほど不思議じゃないけどな。 But you know what? It's still not as mysterious as meeting a vampire.
私もまさか人間に殺されるとは思わなかったわ。 That goes for me, too. I never thought I'll be killed by a human.
まだ痛むのか。 Sorry. Are those wounds still painful?
っていうより私、変わっちゃったから。 Not so much that. Instead, I think that I've changed.
変わった? I don't get it.
自分でも良く分からないけど、でも、私たちって不思議な関係よね。 もしも私が吸血鬼じゃなかったら、私と志貴ってどうなってたかな。 I'm not sure I even know myself. When you really think about it, we have a mysterious relationship too, don't we? Well, if things were different and I weren't a vampire, then I wonder what would have happened, I mean between you and me.
そんな仮定の話は。 Don't talk about imaginary things.
私は結構好きだけどな。 But I like to. I always have.
え? Huh?
もしもの話って。 You know, make-believe?

shallowは「浅瀬、(物理的に)浅い、奥行きのない(Deep rivers move in silence, shallow brooks are noisy.=《諺》深い川は音を立てずに流れ、浅い小川はやかましい。)、 (言動が)浅はかな、浅薄な、(議論などが)底の浅い、浅くする」。
coral reefは「サンゴ礁」。
know oneselfは「己を知る、身の程を知る」。


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