[PR] 香典返し おねしぺグローブ: 【ディクテーション】Bleach(ブリーチ)



ANNAOD(未)、 rightstufdvdpacific($15.66)。 Vol.8に収録の第32話Aパートから。恋次いいね。

吉良君、これ。 Izuru, this is..
阿散井君の副官章。 It's Renji's Lieutenant badge.
さっきの集会の途中で急にいなくなっちゃって。心配で6番隊の隊舎に行ってみたの。 そうしたら副会室の前にこれが。 I know this looks suspicious, but he did disappear in the middle of the meeting. I was worried about him, so I went the Squad 6 barracks, and this badge is all that I found. It was in front of his office.
このことは隊長達は。 Now tell me. Are the Captains aware of this?
ううん、話してない。 I haven't told them.
そうか。 I see.
藍染隊長には話そうかとも思ったんだけど、もしそれで阿散井君が罰を受けたりしたら嫌だし。 At first, I thought about telling Captain Aizen about what I found, but I didn't want Renji to be punished because of something I had said.
事実が分からない以上、それが賢明な処置だと思うよ。 Until we know exactly what's going on, that was a very wise decision.
吉良君、どういうことかな。副官章をわざわざはずしていくなんて。 Izuru, what could this mean, for him to remove this before he left?
よほどのことなんだろうな。阿散井君、朽木女子のことで最近、いろいろと思いつめていたようだし。 とにかく、僕も探してみるよ。 It must mean something important. Recently, Renji has been mulling over the Rukia Kuchiki case. All right, I'll see you if I can find up what's happened to him.

"mull over"は「あれこれ考える、よく考える、熟考する、振り返る、心の中に温めておく」。

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