[PR] 香典返し おねしぺグローブ: 【ディクテーション】Lunar Legend Tsukihime (真月譚 月姫)


【ディクテーション】Lunar Legend Tsukihime (真月譚 月姫)

ANNAODdvdpacificRightStuf。第7話Blue Sin Mark (蒼い咎跡)は全文暗記の方向で。前のおねしぺでAパートの聞き取りを完了しているので、今回はBパート全編を。一応全部聞き取れてる、つもり。

じゃあ今度はあれにしない? Good. Then let's go on that one.


二人乗りみたいね。 Looks like it's a two-seater.
じゃここはひとつ公平に。 All right, then there is only one fair way to do this.
じゃーんけーんポン! Rock, paper, scissors!
ついてないですね。 We're not very lucky, are we?
そうね。 You're right for once.
乾くんとか。 You had a big luck.
悪かったな。 Sorry about that.


でも考えようによってはいい機会かもしれませんよ。 But on the other hand, this might be a good opportunity for us to talk.
そうね。 That's true.
あなたはどう思います? So what do you think about her?
確かに普通じゃないわね。 She is not what you call normal, is she?
そうでしょう。 You're right there.
鈍感なあなたにも感じられるんだ。 An insensitive woman like you picked up on that?
鈍感は余計ですね。 Insensitive? Was that really necessary?
事実を率直に述べたまでよ。 I just state the facts as I see them.
どうしてあなたというひとはそういう言い方しかできないのですか。 Why do you feel like you always have to talk that way? It's not very attractive, you know.
お互い様でしょ。 The same goes for you.

"pick up on"は「~に気付く、~をすぐに理解する」。

でも驚きました。 I'm a little surprised.
え? Huh?
兄さんの女性の好みです。 I'm talking about your taste in women.
好みって。 What do you mean?
私とは正反対ですね。口うるさい妹から離れて息抜きしたかったんですか? They are all the complete opposite of me. I suppose you want to get away from your nagging sister and take a break.
そういうわけじゃ。 No, it's not like that at all.
でも。 Then why?
だから、詳しくは言えないけど、べつに秋葉がいやとかじゃないから。 I told you. It's not something that I can talk about. But you have to believe me it's not because I hate you.
本当ですか? You really mean that?
あたりまえだろ。 Of course I do.
では私のわがままを聞いていただけますか? Then, do you think you could grant me one selfish request?
ああ。 Sure.
あの人にはもう会わないでください。 Promise me you won't see her ever again.
え。 Uh.

"get away from"は「~から離れる・遠ざかる、~を避ける」。

いいのかこのままで。 Are you ok with all this, Yumitsuka?
え? Huh?
好きなんだろう?あいつが。 Cuz you like Tohno, too. Don't you?
でも、彼女がいるし。 I don't know. He has a girlfriend.
わっかんねえぞ。あいつは鈍感だからな。黙ってたら一生気づかねーぞ。 Wish I can help you out. The guy has no idea what's going on. But if you don't speak up, he is never gonna notice you.
ん。 Hmm.

"speak up"は「声に出していう、はっきりしゃべる」。

うわっすげえ弁当。豪華だなおい。うまそー。ははは、いっただっきまーす! Wow! His box lunches look incredible. They're amazing, aren't they? Oh man, look at all this. I don't know where do we start.
おーいしい! It's delicious.
う、うまいー! Incredible!
そうですね。 It really is.
毎日こんなうまいものが食えるなんて、幸せだな遠野は。 I can't believe how lucky you are. You eat food like this every day, don't you?
うちのメイドさんが作ったんだ。 Our maid. These all are cooking for us. (??ここは自信なし)
へー。 Huh?
兄さんはあまり置きに召さないようなのですが。 I get the feeling my brother doesn't appreciate it the way you do.
え? What?
罰当たりだぞ。こんなにうまいのに。 Then he has gotta be nuts. Everything here is amazing.
そんなこと言ってないだろ。 I never said I didn't like it.
そうですか。前に普通がよろしいとおっしゃいましたが。 兄さんはうちがお嫌いなのですよね。 Oh, is that right. I thought I heard you say you like being normal. You hate living at home, don't you? Why not just admit it.
そうなのか遠野。俺でよかったらいつでも代わるぞ。ね、秋葉ちゃん。 No kid. Is that right, Tohno? If you don't mind, I'll take your place anytime. What do you say, Akiha?
結構です。 No, thank you.
おい秋葉。 Listen, Akiha.
ねえ志貴。次は何に乗るの? Hey, Shiki. What are we going to ride next?
無理を言わないでください!兄さんはお疲れなんですよ! That is incredibly rude! Can't you see that my brother is tired?
大丈夫よね、志貴。 You feel all right, don't you Shiki.
あ、ああ。 Ah, yeah.
これ以上兄さんに付きまとわないでください。 I don't want you to follow my brother around anymore.
付きまとうってどういうことよ。 What do you mean, follow him around?
そのままの意味です。 Exactly what I said.
そうですね。遠野君も困ってるんじゃないですか。 She's right. And I'm willing to bet Tohno is in trouble, isn't he?
困ってなんかないわよ。 What are you saying? He is not in trouble.
それはあなたがそう思っているだけです。 So now I suppose you think you know everything about him.
そんなわけないでしょ! That's not it! And you know it!
どうしてあなたは自己中心的な考え方しかできないんですか? You need to start cancel self-centered and think about someone else once in a while.
静かにしてください!兄さんは体調がすぐれないのですよ! Would you please be quiet! My brother doesn't feel well. What can't you see that?!
ほんとにもう大丈夫だから。 Really I'm all right now. You don't need to worry.
いいえ。だいたいこのお二人が兄さんのそばにいるからこうなるんです。 You're not all right. In the first place, when you're near these two, they're causing you to be this way!
うるさいのはあなたでしょう? You make a lot of noise. You know that?
どういう意味です? What?
…はー。 Hmm...
兄さん? Brother?
志貴? Shiki?
腹でも痛いのか? What's wrong? Does your stomach hurt?
いや、そうじゃなくて。 No, it's not that.
じゃなんだよ。 Well, what is it, then.
だから兄さんはお疲れだといったじゃないですか。 I told you all before. It's obvious that my brother is tired!
騒いだのはあなたでしょう。 For maybe it's all the noise you're making.
そうですね。 She is right.
どういうことですか。 What do you mean?
あなたにも責任があるってことよ。 She means you are responsible, too.
いい加減にしてください!遠野くんが困ってるじゃないですか! Enough is enough! The way you're acting! There is no wonder he is dizzy!
そうですね。せっかくみんなで遊びに来たんですし。 Yumitsuka is right. We all came here to have fun, not to argue.
そうっすよね!それじゃまるくおさまったところで温泉だ温泉! Of course she is right! So now that we finally got that settled. Why don't we all go hit the hot spring?
温泉? The hot spring?
そうそう。みんなで裸のつきあいをぱーっと…あはは。 Yeah, that's the ticket! Let's all get naked and have some fun!
私は結構です。 Thanks for asking, but no.
おい秋葉。 It's all right, Akiha.
そういうことならあなたも無理よね。 In that case, you probably don't want to go, either.

"get the feeling that"は「~といった気持ちになる」。
"follow someone around"は「(人)の後をついて回る、(人)に付きまとう、(人)を追い回す」。
"Enough is enough."は「もうたくさんだ、たくさんだと言ったらたくさんだ」。
"That's the ticket."は「そのとおりだ、それだ、そうだ(肯定・同意の気持ち)」。

いやあ、まいったまいった。 I've had enough. I can't take it.
ああ。でもなんであんなに仲が悪いのかな。 I know. What is it? I don't see why the girls can't just get along.
お前のせいに決まってんだろ。 What do you think? It's because of you.
え? What?
ま、今に始まったことじゃないか。お前の鈍感さは自己防衛だからな。 I guess I shouldn't be surprised you don't see it. Your insensitivity acts as a self-defence mechanism.
自己防衛か。 Self-defence mechanism.
あ、わりぃ。いやなこと思い出しちまったか。 Hey, sorry. I wasn't trying to stir up bad memories.
いや。そうかもな。…ゴメンな。 Don't worry. Maybe you are right. ... I'm sorry.
いいよ。もう慣れた。 It's all right. I'm used to it.

"stir up"は「かき混ぜる、かき回す、引っかき回す」。

温泉ってはじめて入ったわ。 I've never been in a hot spring before.
そうなんですか? Really?
気持ちいいのね。 It feels good, doesn't it?
ええ。…。アルクェイドさんて遠野君のこと、どう思います? Yeah. ... Miss Arcueid, what do you think of Tohno?
え?志貴のこと好きなの? Ah. Do you ... like Shiki?
遠野くんは私のこと、友達くらいにしか思ってないから。 He doesn't think of me anything special. We're just good friends. That's all.
そうかな?志貴は大切に思ってるわよ。あなたのこと。 Are you sure? You may not realise this, but you're very important to Shiki.
遠野くんは誰にでも優しいんです。私だけが特別じゃないから。私、アルクェイドさんが羨ましいです。恋人、なんでしょう? Tohno's always been kind to everyone. I really don't think I'm anything special to him. I have to admit that I'm a little jealous of you, Miss Arcueid. You are his girlfriend, aren't you?
違うんじゃないかな。私はそういう対象にはならないと思う。志貴にとって。 I don't think I am. I really don't think that's what Shiki has in mind. He doesn't think of me that way.
だってアルクェイドさん綺麗だし、スタイルいいし。 But Miss Arcueid, you're so beautiful, and sophisticated.
そんなことじゃないのよ。私、人間じゃないから。 Those things don't seem to matter. Maybe... Maybe if I were human.
…。面白い人ですね。アルクェイドさんて。 Miss Arcueid, you're very funny. Did you know that?
そう? Really?
ええ。 Yes.


少しお話してもいいですか? Do you mind if I talk to you about something?
手短にお願いしいます。 As long as you make it short.
遠野くんは8年前に事故に遭われたそうですね。 I heard that Tohno had some kind of accident eight years ago.
ええ。 Yes.
彼にはそのときの記憶がないようですが。 He doesn't seem to have any memory of what happened to him.
事故のショックで記憶を失くしたのです。 The shock of the accident caused him to block things out.
本当ですか? Is that true?
どういう意味ですか。 What do you mean?
そのほうが都合の良いことがあったのでは? It's worked out rather conveniently for you, hasn't it?
何をおっしゃっているのか分かりません。 I don't know what you're talking about. Get to the point.
遠野家にはなにか秘密がありそうですね。 Your family seems to be hiding some kind of secret.
秘密などありません。 You're wrong. We don't have any secrets.
そうですか。でも、おかしいですね。 Is that so? Still, something bothers me.
何がです! And just what would that be?!
あなたは人とは違う匂いがします。 I detect an ordor on you that's something other than human.
あなたは…!これ以上あなたとお話しするつもりはありません。兄さんには先に帰ったと伝えておいてください。 How dare you...! This conversation is over. I have nothing more to say. Please tell my brother that I've gone home early.
おつかれさまでしたー。あ、ああ、わー! Watch your step getting out. Ugh! Wow!


いやー楽しかったなー。 That was great, wasn't it?
そうですね。 Yeah, it was.
ちょっと疲れたけど。 But I have to admit I'm a little tired.
あそういや、なんで秋葉ちゃん帰っちゃったんだ? Oh, by the way, does anyone know why Akiha went home?
シエル先輩、なにか知りませんか? You were with her, Ciel. Did she say anything about it?
さあ、私はそう伝えてくれって頼まれただけですから。 No, she didn't say why she was leaving. She just asked me to tell you that she would see you at home later.
…。何かあったのかな。 ... I wonder where they're going in such a hurry.


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